Twisted Time     Last updated on 2017/2560 1 12, a full moon day;

For better preparations necessary within time constraint period, such as eclipses, 2*5; 2*6; ... , in ACT1, ACT2, and ACT3 stages;

In our universe, thousands of years, time measurements have been done, by so many approach, by so many techniques, by so many times, by diff people, ... ;

to do further thoughts, to be able to solve number 31 in our universe, time wildcards have been collected, gathered, innovated, researched, ... as time.htm;

in Time.Space.Action oriental thought, coordinate-less D number has been proposed because fully distributed connection, as a space, whether with time, or without time is a question;

Based on 2500+ years 4 planet prediction, lunar time and JUN time can be solved as 10,7,10 in 108 configuration, but a Myanmar still cannot solve number 31 in our universe scientifically;  

Therefore, twisted time should be further studied. Condition, facility, and time to study the twisted time are:

@ 2 times per year moment;

2007Nov.JAXA.KAGUYA.380000kmDistance.OurEarthPosition_only2times_per_year.GIF, JAXA has proved number 2*5, and 2*6 already, but still cannot prove number 31 yet ... ;  

@ lunar eclipse, lunar eclipse, ACT2 stage 4 planet prediction eclipse, ... ACT3 stage each planet eclipse ... , EM variation diff ... HOW 2 spin strings naturally or scientifically ... ;  

@ ACT3 parallel time, WHEN a Myanmar's imaginary hyperdimensional spacecraft can do SYN among 10,7,10, and/or 7,10,7, and/or lunar vs. JUN, and/or ... ;  

... 。